TILERENU is made by Liquiguard Technologoes Inc. LiquiGuard is a passionate leader at the forefront of the global eco- and bio-friendly protective coatings industry. We develop feature-rich, high-performance protective coating solutions that improve upon existing products in the market and provide solutions where none currently exist.

About LiquiGuard Technologies, Inc.

Our philosophy is driven by the global imperative for sustainability as well as a greener planet. And our product development efforts focus on creating ecologically and biologically safe products that offer many features to replace products with harmful ingredients.

Our research strives to develop solutions that protect and enhance the appearance and durability of everyday objects and surfaces around the home and business. As well as encourage safety by creating products that will prevent slip and fall accidents, the second greatest cause of accidents in the U.S. Not only are we committed to developing healthy household and industrial products, but we ensure that our coatings are top-of-the-line; supported by a high degree of research for the latest and best raw materials that are both durable, yet cost effective.

Our Coatings

Our coatings are applicable to all types of materials, natural and synthetic; including: canvas, fabric, granite, marble, metals, wood, bricks, concrete, stone, etc. And some of the features offered by our coatings include the creation of non-slip surfaces, waterproofing, UV protecting, stain resisting, mold and mildew protection, thermal insulation, surface restoration/enhancement, fire retardancy and more.

LiquiGuard continues to not only refine and improve upon our existing line of products, but we’re constantly working to discover new solutions for an evolving marketplace. We work directly with manufacturers, distributors, resellers and consumers to develop effective and environmentally responsible solutions to their existing problems. As well as creating a safer, and more beautiful household and work environment. All of our products are made in the U.S.A.