Protects From Liquids, Stains & Spills. Excellent Scratch & Heat Resistance


TILERENU is a low viscocity, crystal clear, surface coating. Application consists of simply wiping on a light coat with a Liquiguard foam pad or a microfiber cloth.


Lasting finish & protection for countertops & floorings. Can be used on all natural & synthetic materials.


Prevents damage from hot and cold liquid spills, condiments, and other stains. Also prevents against scratching and marring of the treated surface.

TILERENU, is a resin with nano particle size molecules and represents an exciting technology in polymer coatings. Formulations based on this type of material deliver a high level of performance with extremely thin film cross sections. This has a significant effect on visual appearance and physical properties, as they demonstrate outstanding flow and leveling and surface aesthetics. TILERENU has a higher saturation level than conventional polymers, enhancing adhesion and drying to a smooth and even film.

Due to the large coverage of TILERENU it is an extremely cost effective solution for all types of hard and dense surfaces and can provide the homeowner and business substantial savings by avoiding replacement costs. For small area applications, such as countertops, bathroom surfaces and similar areas TILERENU is offered in complete ready to use kits which include the TILERENU coating, application foam pad and work gloves. Kits are available in two sizes with the smaller 2 oz. kit capable of covering a 50 square foot area and the larger 4 oz. kit covering a 60 square foot area. Coverage area is approximate and will depend upon the efficiency of application.